Specialty Contact Lenses in Chapel Hill, NC

Discovering the perfect fit for your eyes can be difficult—especially when standard contact lenses fall short. That’s where specialty contact lenses come into play, offering tailored solutions for those unique peepers that demand more than off-the-shelf options.

With years of dedicated service and expertise, Carrboro Family Vision in Chapel Hill stands at the forefront of providing these life-changing visual aids. We understand that each eye is as individual as a fingerprint, and our team brings extensive experience to correct vision conditions that regular contacts cannot.

Carrboro Family Vision is not only equipped but excited to guide you through this journey towards crystal-clear sight with top-quality care and custom-fit solutions.

Dive deeper into our world of exceptional eye care—because seeing is truly believing!

Specialty Contact Lenses in Chapel Hill, NC

Specialty Contact Lenses in Chapel Hill, NC

Types of Specialty Contact Lenses Offered

At Carrboro Family Vision in Chapel Hill, we provide an array of specialty contact lenses tailored to meet unique vision needs and enhance eye comfort. Our selection encompasses advanced designs that cater to various ocular conditions and preferences, ensuring you receive the ideal solution for your eyes.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses are a solid choice for those who haven’t had success with soft contact lenses. Crafted from a firm yet breathable plastic, they allow oxygen to reach the eyes, which is crucial for keeping them healthy.

For individuals who need sharp vision correction or have astigmatism, RGP lenses often provide clearer sight than softer options.

When it comes to fitting these specialty contacts, precision is key because they’re more rigid. Our eye doctors take exact measurements so that each lens fits perfectly according to the unique contours of one’s eyes.

Those dealing with presbyopia also find RGP lenses helpful since they come in multifocal designs tailored for different visual needs. With proper care and handling, the longevity of RGP lenses can be maximized, ensuring comfortable wear and optimal eye health over time.

Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses stand out as a specialized type of contact lens designed to provide comfort and clear vision for individuals with sensitive eyes or unique corneal shapes. These aren’t your average contacts; they sit on the white part of the eye known as the sclera, creating a space filled with tears above the cornea.

Their design is key for delivering outstanding visuals to people dealing with keratoconus or who have had eye surgery and struggle with conventional lenses. When fitted correctly by professionals at our vision care center, these larger diameter lenses are tailored for various eye shapes and conditions, ensuring an optimal fit.

Orthokeratology Lenses

Orthokeratology lenses act as nighttime vision correctors. You slip them on before bed, and they softly mold your eye’s cornea shape while you sleep. Come morning, you remove them to find yourself with improved sight all day long, no glasses or standard contacts needed.

These unique lenses are ideal for those with shortsightedness and certain astigmatism types.

Individuals opting for orthokeratology enjoy the liberation it offers during their waking activities. Say goodbye to concerns over water sports, irritating particles or any other issues that conventional lens wearers face—because when you’re up and about, there’s nothing in your eyes at all!

Multifocal Soft Lenses

Multifocal soft lenses are an innovative choice for individuals who need assistance with both near and distant vision. They combine different prescription strengths across the lens, enabling users to see clearly at any range, just like bifocal or progressive glasses, but with no visible lines.

Those dealing with presbyopia—a common issue that impairs close-up vision as people age—often find these contacts particularly beneficial. These specialized contact lenses in Chapel Hill provide sharp vision whether you’re engrossed in reading or trying to make out a far-off street sign.

Adopting multifocal contact lenses means those who usually wear glasses can enjoy more versatility and independence throughout their day. Our optometrists tailor these contacts to each person’s eyes for maximum comfort and precise vision improvement.

Our Specialty Contact Lens Services

At Carrboro Family Vision in Chapel Hill, we don’t just fit you with lenses; we embark on a comprehensive journey to ensure your vision and comfort are perfected.

Comprehensive Eye Exam and Fitting

To get the perfect specialty contact lenses, our expert eye doctors carefully measure your eyes. Expect a comprehensive eye exam to check both your sight and eye health. We use cutting-edge tools to find out the exact shape and size of your cornea, how big your pupils are, and if you need any lens adjustments.

These detailed checks help pick out the best type of lens just for you.

When choosing specialty contact lenses, you’ll be looked after every step of the way. Our trained staff go above and beyond to make sure they fit just right—whether that’s multifocal lenses or ones made for uneven corneas like scleral or rigid gas permeable lenses.

We will teach you about each kind so you can decide on the best one for yourself, from soft multifocals to other unique types designed for specific vision needs. From careful measuring to custom fittings, these pros are all about giving top-notch care so that everything looks clear and feels great with every look.

Ongoing Support and Care

Taking care of your eyes goes beyond just picking up your new specialty contact lenses. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch follow-up care, which includes appointments that track the health and comfort of your eyes.

We make it our mission to teach you the best ways to look after and clean your lenses, whether they’re scleral or multifocal soft lenses. Rely on our knowledgeable lens specialists for advice on how to effectively use your vision correction.

As time goes by, you may need tweaks in prescription strength or the fit of your contacts, and we are ready to help with these adjustments at any time. Should you experience any discomfort or notice changes in how well you can see, we urge you to reach out right away for assistance.

Specialty Contact Lenses in Chapel Hill, NC

Specialty Contact Lenses in Chapel Hill, NC

Why Choose Our Practice?

Our team at Carrboro Family Vision stands out with a deep commitment to providing exceptional care to patients in need of specialty contact lenses available in the Chapel Hill area.

We bring the expertise required for finding just the right fit, especially if normal contact lenses haven’t worked for you. As specialty lens experts, we cater to those requiring scleral lenses or who have astigmatism, ensuring comfort and clarity.

With multifocal options and rigid gas permeable lenses also on our roster, we remain dedicated to offering personalized solutions that meet your unique vision needs. Count on us for comprehensive eye exams and ongoing support that keep your vision sharp and comfortable every day.

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